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I am always looking for baits and tackle that will give me the edge over others that might consequently lead to better catches when out fishing. Whilst at the Go-Fishing show a few weeks ago I got my first look at the new Sonubaits Silver Crush groundbait. From first impressions I felt like I was onto a winner, a unique spicy smell with plenty of crushed seeds and some biscuit for body it looked perfect for some river barbel fishing.

Mixing is easy, simply add water and mix well leaving it slightly over wet, rest for half an hour or so and its perfect, I want to feed it through an open end feeder so want it to be wet enough to still be in the feeder for a minute or so once the feeder has settled on the bottom, too dry and its out before hitting the deck too wet and it will still be in the feeder when I reel back in.

Fishing the Warks Avon I found a swim with plenty of flow and the essential gravel run, in this swim the gravel run was less than a yard wide and just a couple of yards from the far bank, accurate casting would be needed to make sure my free offerings and hook bait were in the zone.

I used the biggest feeder in my bag to have 5 casts without even a hook link attached, in the feeder was plenty of silver crush laced with hemp and a mixture of different sized elliptical pellets. After resting the swim for around an hour I finally tempted fate and cast the feeder and bait into the swim, under the size 12 S5 hook neatly placed on a short hair was a single 12mm elips.

Liners plucks and pulls for the first five minutes or so told me something was in the swim and it was no surprise when the rod tip banged twice before taking on an alarming bend as the bait runner signaled a hooked barbel. Not a huge fish at just over 5lb but as always most welcome.

The afternoon progressed into evening and another barbel a couple of sizeable chub and 4 or 5 skimmers kept me going until the last hour when 3 barbel in the last 3 casts had me clearing up quick to ensure I was off the water before a strictly enforced night fishing ban came into play.

Had I have been able to stay on I am sure there were plenty more fish to be caught and as always with barbel the first hour of darkness is usually the best of the day. Sadly I will never know, but one things for sure the silver crush will be getting plenty more chances to catch me a fish or two as the season progresses.