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Fisky Makes Fantastic 

The Team Barbel Boys first met Paul Fisk at a Barbel Society work party, after several beers a hearty breakfast and a few more pints of the black stuff a friendship was well and truly formed.

Part of the problem when fishing big rivers has always been the problem of finding leads and feeders big enough and strong enough for the job. After some initial design consultations between Ade and Paul and thanks to Pauls fantastic engineering skills FFF (Fiskys Fantastic Feeders) was born.

Team Barbel would like to thank Paul for his Fantastic Feeders and as a small thank you have dedicated this area of our website to show you all about FFF and how to get the best from them.

interested in getting your hands on some FFF feeders contact Paul by email on the following address:

When you need a feeder that’s custom made to your requirements then FFF will supply 

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